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Gluten Free CheesyMite Scrolls

RECIPECheesyMite Scrolls Ready in 1 hour Makes 12 Scrolls Ingredients 620g filtered water at 40 degrees C 12g active dry yeast 2 tsp sugar 25g Psyllium Husk Powder 7g Flaxseed Meal 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 2...

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The Best Gluten Free Muffin Recipe (Makes 12 Muffins) - DF/Refined Sugar Free Option

These Muffins are simply divine. Its original recipe is from an  American friend and we have simply converted it to make it gluten free. You can use 210g of gluten free flour mix if you do not have the three flours at hand that we have used. But the taste and texture is a little nicer using the Buckwheat and Sorghum Flour and Tapioca Starch. We have also used Flaxseed Meal as a binder rather than Xanthan or Guar Gum as its high in fibre and adds a nice flavour. If you use a GF flour Mix that has binders already added, omit the gums. You can still add the Flaxseed Meal for the taste.   These Muffins can also...

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Easy Crusty Gluten Free Baguettes ( In 1 hour!!! )

NOW - you can have fresh baked crusty, gluten free baguette with any meal! These gorgeous loaves take about an hour to make (including proofing and baking!!) so there is really no excuse not to bake your own fresh baguettes.    There is nothing nicer than a fresh baked baguette, simply served with butter. Have it on it's own or serve it with soup or on the side with some cheese and cold meats. This bread tastes great even after it cooled down and while the "crust" softens over time, the flavour is still divine. 

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Best Ever Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

First of all a word of "warning" - this recipe takes a long time but the wait is so worth it! You will end up with the most succulent and tasty pulled pork that is worth every hour you waited! Total preparation time is 24 hours with the meat marinating in the fridge for one night. Make sure you don't rush this recipe as you will be rewarded with more flavour and tenderness the longer you wait. Don't rush the cooking process. If the meat takes longer to reach the 95°C, don't be tempted to increase the oven temperature! This recipe is perfect for sharing! The great thing is that it will only get better, the longer you leave it...

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Gluten Free Soft Pretzel (6 pc) Easy

Gluten Free Brezn (Pretzel)  Who doesn't like a soft, salty Pretzel. These South German morsels are simply divine. And we have an easy recipe for you to make the tasty treat yourself. You can either shape them into Pretzels or shape them into long thin baguette-style or round buns and fill them with your favourite filling. And the best part? They are not only gluten free but dairy free and vegan too! You can whip these up in under 1 hour and you don't need any fancy ingredients.     What you need:   For the dough: 300g gluten free flour (we used Edmonds Standard Flour) 1 tsp salt 1tsp sugar 200ml lukewarm water 13g dried instant yeast (we used...

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