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About Us

About Us

Here at YetteMoosh we are dedicated foodies, qualified chefs and fulltime parents who won’t let a diagnosis of Coeliac disease stand in the way of a good meal.

Hi, I am Juliane. Originally from Germany, I have been living in New Zealand since the early 2000’s. I am a qualified chef and am also passionate about early childhood development, having been working for Barnardos as an Educator in recent years. 

Two of my three children are affected by coeliac disease. I am aware of the daily struggles a gluten free diet can bring. We have decided to make all family meals gluten free and creating variety is sometimes challenging.

 I have created YetteMoosh after spending some time with my family over in Europe.  We were amazed by the choice of products readily available in Europe for people on a gluten free diet. So, I want to bring some of that choice here to New Zealand. Gluten free food (as with so many other things) is a very personal taste. I believe the greater the variety, the easier it will be to find products you enjoy.

The Name YetteMoosh is inspired by the nickname my mum gave me as a child. Being very close to my family even though we are on opposite sites of the world, it was natural for me to use something personal for the thing I am most passionate about.

“I have found dealing with Juliane and the team at YetteMoosh very easy, they are knowledgeable, dedicated to great customer service and helpful.  - Paul B., Auckland