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Tips And Tricks For That Perfect Homemade Gluten Free Bread!

Let's be honest: We all have tried - and failed - baking our own gluten free bread. So why is it so hard to create such a simple thing? Fresh baked bread is such a lovely, comforting staple and yet, when you have to eat gluten free it becomes difficult to find a bread that not only tastes good but stays soft and yum for more than 30 minutes...

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Shared Fryer - Yes Or No?

Do you ever risk eating food that has been cooked in a shared deep fryer? Is it save? Or do you risk your inner health when you do this? We have a look at what happens when you eat gluten free food cooked in a shared fryer.

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6 Gluten Free Flours To Use In Evereyday Baking

Here are 6 good flours to have in your gluten free pantry: - Millet flour: Millets are a group of small seeded grasses grown around the world. It has been a staple in the human diet since over 7000 years. Asian and African cuisin showcase Millets in a lot of local dishes. Millet flour has a slight nutty flavour and creates a lighter texture when added to your baking. - Buckwheat flour: Even though of its name, Buckwheat has nothing in common with wheat as it is not a grass but a relative of sorrel, rhubarb and knotweed. It is a pseudocereal as its seeds are used in a similar way as normal cereal due to its complex carbohydrates....

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