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If you need to feed a crowd and want to be the star of the dessert buffet, make this absolutely delicious dessert (feeds 6-8)

What you need:

500g mascarpone cheese 

100g icing sugar

2 egg whites

4 egg yolks

2cl Amaretto liquor 

150ml strong coffee/ Espresso

90g gluten free sponge fingers

cocoa powder to dust

Step 1:

Beat the egg yolk with the icing sugar and amaretto until fluffy

Step 2:

In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until very stiff

Step 3:

Add the mascarpone to the egg yolks and mix to combine. then fold in the egg whites.

Step 4:

Layer your Tiramisu in a dish, starting with a layer of 1/3  mascarpone cream. Dip the sponge finger biscuits into the coffee or brush them with coffee (for a lighter coffee taste).

(please note this is a double recipe photo)

Put half the sponge fingers onto your cheese layer, then cover with another 1/3 of the mascarpone cream. Repeat this step. Then dust your Tiramisu generously with cocoa powder. Refrigerate until needed.


Tiramisu tastes best when made the day before as the flavours can really mix and develop.