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Gluten Free Eclairs

Gluten Free Eclairs

It is not difficult to make great Eclairs. The trick is in quick mixing and the right temperature of the dough when adding the eggs.

What You Need:

250ml water

100g butter (unsalted)

pinch of salt

150g gluten free flour (we used a flour mix that has Xanthan and Guar Gum added to it (Edmonds), otherwise add 1tsp Xanthan + 1/2 teaspoon Guar Gum to your flour)

4 large eggs



In a medium sized pot heat the water. Add the butter to melt and the salt. Once butter is melted, add the flour and stir in quickly with a wooden spoon to avoid lumps.


Stir the Mix until it forms sort of a dough ball. The bottom of the pot will have a bit of a white-ish film on it. Take it off the heat

At this stage you can move the dough ball into the bowl of your stand mixer or continue mixing in the pot using your hand mixer with the dough attachments.

Let the dough cool slightly. Start slowly mixing it and add one egg at a time, making sure the egg is well incorporated into the mix.


The dough is ready to be used when it has a great shine to it and is smooth.

Fill it into a piping bag without nozzle and pipe it onto a tray lined with baking paper. Make sure to leave enough room for the Eclairs to grow. We made long Eclairs and round Eclairs.


Bake at 200 degrees (NOT fan forced) for 25-30 minutes. Take them out of the oven and cut them while still warm. This is easier than when they are cold.


Fill them with cream, custard, fresh fruit or even savoury. You can also freeze these. Enjoy!!