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Gluten free food doesn’t need to be bland and boring. With the right ingredients you can create some pretty tasty Kai. We made croissants today, fluffy and buttery and even a little bit flakey. Once you put your head around each step how to make them, they are a great addition to any breakfast or even afternoon tea. What you need for this treat:

1 cup soy flour (or standard gluten free flour if you prefer)
1 cup Cornmeal flour
1/2 cup rice flour
2 tbsp psyllium husks
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp dried active yeast
1/2 tsp baking powder
400ml cold milk

150g cold butter
Extra gf flour to work the dough

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add milk and mix thoroughly. Dough will be quite moist.
Let the dough rest for a minimum of 30 minutes (if you have 2 hours, even better)

Take a sheet of baking paper a bit bigger than your baking tray. Sprinkle generously with gf flour. Put dough out of the bowl onto baking paper and sprinkle with flour. Roll out the dough to a rectangle in the shape of your baking sheet.

Add half of the cold butter in thin slices onto half of the dough.

Fold dough over to cover butter with the help of the baking sheet. Sprinkle top of dough again with flour.

Use a second sheet of baking paper similar size to the first one, put on top of floured dough like a cross and carefully flip the dough onto the second sheet.

Roll out the dough again to a rectangle similar size to the first one. Add remaining butter to half of the dough, fold it over again, flour the top and put your first sheet onto the floured dough like a cross to use again. Flip dough over, flour the top and roll out again.

This time when you have your rectangle, fold the dough into thirds, folding in first one side, then the other on top.

You need to turn the dough now again 90 degrees and roll it out to a rectangle. Fold again into thirds, turn dough 90 degrees and roll out again. This needs to happen a total of 3 times. 
Now cut your rectangle into 8-10 long triangles.

Roll them up starting from the wide end,folding the small tip under. Put onto one of the sheets of baking paper you used for rolling out the dough, put on a tray, let them rest for 45 minutes while your oven warms up.

Bake at 170 degrees (not fan forced) for 30 minutes.

Take them out of the oven, let them cool a little. Dust with icing sugar if you like and serve. Yum yum