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Amazing Rainbow Swiss Roll - makes two

Amazing Rainbow Swiss Roll - makes two

Create your own Swiss Roll with  the colours of the Rainbow using the Madame LouLou Rainbow Cake Baking Mixes. 

What you need:

6 different Rainbow Cake Mixes

12 Eggs

Icing ( We used 1 packet of Madame LouLou Magic Frosting Vanilla)

How to create your Swiss Roll:

1) Prepare all baking mixes, one after the other, according to the instructions. Once you have prepared the mix, fill each cake mix into their own piping bag

2) Now pipe long stripes on an angle on your prepared baking tray. We lined ours with baking paper and a silicon mat but just using baking paper works well too. There is enough mixture to make two swiss rolls.

3) Bake the trays at 160`C for 30 minutes or until the dough bounces slightly back when gently pressed. While the cakes are baking, get two large clean tea towels onto a flat, clean surface in preparation of making your Rolls.

4) Once baked, take one tray at a time out of the oven, carefully tip it upside down onto one clean tea towel, remove the baking paper and roll it up while still hot

5) Repeat with your second tray. Let the cakes rest, rolled up, while they cool down. This will ensure that you will be able to roll them up when cold and iced without them breaking. 

6) In the meantime prepare your icing or if you prefer to use jam, make sure it is easily spreadable.

7) Once cooled, unroll each cake gently and fill as you desire. Roll them up again using the tea towel to help you. Once rolled up, slice into portions to serve or wrap the whole roll up in glad wrap to freeze. This is a great way to prepare in advance.

8) Dust with icing sugar and serve :)