Schar Quadritos 40g
Schar Quadritos 40g

Schar Quadritos 40g

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Contains allergen
No eggs
No gm
No preservatives
No yeast

Anyone with a sweet tooth won’t be able to stop smiling after taking a bite of Schär’s blissful Quadritos!

True chocolate afficionados can’t get enough of their lush and chocolatey filling, set between crisp and light waffles. One, two, three, four corners! A perfect square, filled with crushed hazelnuts and covered with finest dark chocolate. Schär’s Quadritos will literally drive you nuts with delight!



dark chocolate 42% sugar cocoa mass cocoa butter emulsifier: soya lecithin natural flavourings ), potato starch sugar vegetable fats palm palm kernel ), cocoa 5% hazelnuts 2% soya flour emulsifier: soya lecithin thickener: guar gum raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate skimmed milk powder 

Contains Soy, Milk and Hazelnuts. May contain traces of almonds and other tree nuts .