Gluten Free Bread Mix 500g GFL


GFL Bread Mix With Grains 500g Limited Stock! (BBD 26.09.2020)

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Product Description

Easy to use wholegrain Bread mix with sunflower and linseed.

Recipe for bread.

500g of bread mix
12g of salt (2 teaspoons)
25g of sugar (2 spoons)
20g of fresh yeasts
30g of oil(3 spoons)
0,5L of water


Preparation method:

Flour, salt, sugar and yeast mix well. Add the water at a temp. approx. 30 ° C, and stir until plain.
Then add the oil and mix again. Place the dough in the form, smooth with a wet spoon. Cover with a damp cloth and allow to rise at room temp. approx. 30 minutes (to double in volume). Bake in temp. 200 ° C for 50 min. in a fan oven or 200 ° C for 65 minutes in the oven without convection. The suggested size of the mold 27 cm x 12 cm.


flour (rice, millet, teff) , starches (rice, tapioca), sunflower seeds (5,2%), flax seeds (3,7%), thickeners: guar gum, xanthan gum; inulin, rice germ (2,1%), millet flakes

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