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>Manufacturer of Organic Tahini & Nuts

>LeadingBrand for Organic Japanese condiments 

Carwari was founded around 45 years ago and has incorporated Japanese refined techniques and culture since 2006. ​

At our factory, we produce many varieties of certified organic products made from nuts, seeds and grains. 

Tahini, our signature product which is known the best Tahini in Australia, is a creamy and smooth sesame paste that is ground by a large stone mill. 

Carwari is the first Australian manufacturer who produced "Black Tahini" made from black sesame seeds. Our Tahini products are not only sold all over Australia, but are also exported to Asian countries.  

Our other unique products include certified organic Japanese sauces and condiments such as Miso, Rice Vinegar and Tamari, which are made in Japan and made by Japanese traditional methods.